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Tuesday 21 Aug
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Sacofricosis, satyriasis, pillory

by Gert Hekma in Columns & Opinions , 29 januari 2001

In the alphabet of perversions the `s` is the letter which will please many people, since it covers so many concepts. So much so, that it will take several months before we get to the `t`. It starts off with a nice variation many men will remember from their childhood. Sacofiosis (pocketfumbling) stands for self- stimulation through a hole in the pocket of boys` trousers. In 1792 a book against onanism was published: B.C. Faust`s "Treatise concerning the necessary improvement of clothing, wherein it is demonstrated, that the moral and physical deterioration of mankind is caused by the dressing in trousers". It dealt with the dangers of trousers. Not only were most trousers too tight, in order to piss, the fly necessitated boys to use their hands to take out their dick. And also pockets, with or without holes, enabled boys to secretly fondle their genitals continuously.

Much better to have boys walk around in skirts like the Scottish. These weren`t so tight, didn`t ask for manual manipulation when urinating and had no pockets. That`s why, according to Faust, Scottish men were so much healthier than the German or the Dutch. I think these Scottish blokes were simply a lot dopier, since I can picture lots of sex pleasures with boys` skirts. They allow easier access to dick and ass than the cursed trousers and pockets. Not to mention skirts blowing up in the wind and the possibility of prying under them by means of mirrors or from lower positions.

Salt and sweat

The exotic names of the two next perversions will arouse confusion. Salirophilia means the preference for salt like sweat and saliromania the preference for besmearing. Sal is Latin for salt, salir is French for soiling and, to complicate matters, salax means spunk in Latin. Wouldn`t it be easier to speak of salophilia, salirophilia and salaxophilia, or saltcrazy, dirtcrazy and spunkcrazy? With spunkcrazy my fantasy comes to a halt, with sweatcrazy I feel more inspired. Let`s deal with a passion for sweat later, and also with dirtcrazy. We already discussed spunkcrazy.

Satanism is sex where satanic elements play a role. The colour is the black of night or the red of blood. According to how satanists picture the devil, spiderwebs, sacrifices, habits, tortures, purgatory and hell, tridents, subterranean dungeons or superterrestrial churches being desecrated can play a role in it. Some paintings by Jeroen Bosch give a good impression what to imagine under satanism. Since almost nobody believes in the devil or has an image of him anymore, satanism is over the hill. Maybe the gothic scene offers a chance for the return of satansex.

Spunk craze

Satyriasis or priapism is for men what nymphomania is for women: an excessive sex drive. The first word comes from satyr, the insatiable half-man, half-animal from classic Greece. Priapos, son of Dionysus, is the Greek god of fertility and lust. These days psychiatrists use the new word sex addiction. Though satyriasis is mentioned in the "psychopathia sexualis" and sex addiction is seen as a disorder, to me they seem to be neither a perversion nor a sickness. Have you ever heard of someone being talked into an automobile addiction, because he sits in his car more than twice a day? According to specialists laying your hands on yourself more than twice a day is a sex addiction. When your trouble is craving sex too much, as a rule something else is wrong: a dull partner, a dull idea of sex or an overdose of eating eggs, chocolate or other stimulants. The best you can do is trying to find a spunk maniac, who can never get enough of swallowing spunk.

Scarring is body manipulation, literally the creation of scars. Piercings and tattoos are a form of scarring, but removing body parts like an earlobe, finger bones, or a toe goes one step further. Removing the cock`s foreskin is also a form of scarring when it happens voluntarily and not involuntarily like with little babies or young boys. Here you can see how the same treatment can have opposite results. While the circumcision of boys is a means of frightening them, scaring them for sex, scarring sex is a horny consensual act of people choosing for it. The aim can be esthetic or can raise one`s self-respect. Often scars and tattoos are a symbol of love and surrender to a partner; love as a wound.
For scat and scatophilia, see coprophilia and the discussion of the variations of shit sex.


Catamite is a good old word for boy whore, game boy or prostitute. It`s neither a perversion nor a disgrace to make a living with sex, so the word here is out of place. Under the `g` of geld(money)sex we discussed the perverse pleasure of money in sexual relations. Game boys deserve to be mentioned here for the possibilities they offer to experience perverted sex. By no means are all men and boys you meet in bars and clubs interested in all of the variations reviewed here. Who doesn`t want to keep on searching for ever, can try a business transaction. But take care you find a boy who can offer what you`re looking for and who doesn`t pursue wrong intentions with his services. Some catamites are more proficient in robbing than in bondage.
When renting a game boy who is supposed to satisfy you after putting you in the pillory, you risk getting stuck there with a hard-on when the boy robs you without helping you get your rocks off. Leaving you tied up by your head and hands, so you`re lucky if you`ll even get out of it alive. If you don`t want to tempt fate (which can be very stimulating), build in precautions before getting yourself tied up. Do it with an acquaintance, in a place or during a party where there are other people so it`s even more scandalous but less risky, take care somebody will come by (with a key) by the end of the scene, when it`s at your own place.
A pillory is a bar of wood firmly planted in the ground, in former times in a public place, to which the head and hands of wrongdoers could be secured as a punishment, to their shame exposed to the eyes of decent citizens. This punishment was meant as a deterrence and sometimes as an entertainment, which consisted of pelting the wrongdoer with rotten eggs, tomatoes, mud. A variation is the pillory which is sometimes for sale in leather stores. The best known version consists of two wooden beams on top of each other with three holes cut out in between for the neck and wrists of the criminal. Most of the time the thing is in a fixed place, but sometimes scoundrels put in a pillory have to walk around with it. Also the feet can be secured in a piece of wood, as an extra or an apart punishment. Try it once for yourself, because, as the saying goes, learning the hard way not only gets you hard, but will wisen you up as well. Whether past criminals also got horny by being tied up in their pillory remains one of history`s many secrets.

Viewing lust

Scopophilia is the lust of viewing. Dutch filmmaker/essayist/critic Eric de Kuyper once wrote an elegant article about the glance he took of a boy in blue jeans. When we say sex is located between the ears, we`re talking about the brains. We could also localize the place of lust in the eyes. What you see, makes you horny. And often it`s the gaze of the other person inspiring lust. Some go for innocence, others for a tear. I go to pieces for boys with a look in their eyes speaking of powerless rage and fathomless sadness. Boys I can comfort and maybe save from their deadlock. A look of fearful expectation is also great. Unfortunately these days most Dutch guys have a dopy look in their eyes. They have it all already and want nothing more besides maybe an o.k. chick. Luckily next to these decent blond dopes other more exciting types can be found.

(Pillory in Dutch: schandpaal - hence its listing under "s") Next: sadism



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