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Tuesday 21 Aug
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Erotic Adventures In Poland

by Jeroen van Gessel in Travel and weekendtrips , 22 oktober 2005

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

As a regular reader of Gay News I had promised the editors a travel story about my trip to Krakow, Poland. A 39-year-old man, independant contractor with a broad knowledge of the sex industry - as much with men as with women - my interest in Poland came about through a Polish work-colleague, Piotre. The image of Poland that I had before my journey was from TV but Piotre’s stories made me reconsider. Via the Internet I booked a flight and hotel. As I don’t enjoy flying I only travel with the larger, more reliable airlines, in this case Lufthansa.

Two weeks before my departure I placed a notice on asking if anyone knew any addresses or places for young escorts. As a satisfied client of People I’ve had good experiences with escorts and use them now and then. No, I’m not ugly, fat or old, but I have no interest in fuss. Besides, I find escorts a pleasant luxury; I’d rather give my money to a boy than to the sad owner of an expensive gay bar.

I had two reactions from people who also wanted to go to Poland this year; could I let them know of any addresses I found? Reading is apparently difficult for some people and I didn’t answer either as I didn’t think they’d read any reply very well, so their mail went into the trash.

Before departing I placed an order where I know I can obtain good Kamagra: on They are very discrete and have good stuff, and besides, it works on test groups. As a “top” I love good long pumping sessions and Kamagra is an essential aid to my endurance.

Via an announcement on Gaydar I received three reactions from Polish boys (of which one I had most interest in as he could communicate in Dutch). On the Internet it’s difficult to find “paydates” in Krakow, but with a trusty Spartacus in hand it’s easier.

Piotre was also in Poland while I was travelling, but due to his love of Vodka, he wasn’t there to meet me at the airport, but instead, stayed in bed until 1pm. So I took a taxi to the hotel. I must compliment the photographer who took pictures of the hotel; amazing how he made such a pokey room look so large on their website. Perhaps he could help me update my Gayday profile pictures? However, the rest of the hotel was excellent. Bags unpacked I left to check out the city. When I reached the old town my mouth fell open. I hadn’t expected such beautiful buildings, such a gigantic square, such tranquility; no crowds or cars in the inner city, no loud music. I had to ask myself: am I in Poland? It felt so relaxed and safe. I haven’t sat for such a long time on a terrace. In one word it was terrific!

Note: all prices mentioned in this article are 25% of the amount in euros. For the blonde readers: 10 ZL is 2.50 euro. A taxi trip of fourteen minutes to the city cost me 10 ZL.

Activity In The Sauna

Because of the 28C heat I decided to head to a sports centre and sauna that I found listed in Spartacus. It appeared to be in a nice, free-standing building. As I entered I said: “Hello, do you speak English?” I heard mumbling, paid and received my tiny towel and a key. My room was approximately one square meter but it was, at least, all mine for the length of my visit.

Facewasher in place I first went to the showers. I felt as if no-one was paying me any attention. I rarely doubt my attractiveness and I heard later that this was the typical reaction within gay places in Poland. Beside me in the shower stood a charming boy of 28 with a beautiful arse. He didn’t look at me either. But after his shower he walked to a dark room and I, being a horny top, followed straight after him. There were six men in the dark room but I headed straight for the boy’s beautiful arse. I sensed he was passive, so felt it best to let him make the first move.

After a few minutes he forcefully grabbed my hard-on and urgently asked if I wanted to fuck him. I was already there! I made him aware that I didn’t want to do him in the dark room so we moved to his cabin.

His seemed much bigger than mine. The deed done, I wanted to chat, but he seemed uninterested in talking.
What stood out most for me is that there weren’t any girly types walking around, far from it!

After two hours of walking around, I met another nice opponent who I also played with. But again not a word was said. Over the sports centre itself I can easily summarise: there’s only one apparatus and there’s only one person happy to see it - the junkyard man!

After this experience I went back to my hotel to wait for Piotre who arrived at 7pm. Always open with him I related what had happened and how strange it was no one made eye contact or spoke. Despite having no experience with gays he thought such behaviour typically Catholic.

Back in Holland we’d talked about visiting a whorehouse, and so it was said, so it was done! We hoped we’d both pick the same woman, but as I’d already shot my load I left him at the whorehouse and returned to the hotel. An hour later he returned radiant; she was terrific! And I must say, the whores did seem very nice; not at all slutty. In the club you pay 110 ZL for an hour.
Piotre told me a day later that he went back to his friends. No problem. I told him that if I needed him I’d call.

In search of an escort

Day two I decided to contact the Dutch-speaking Polish boy who’d contacted me via Gaydar. We arranged to meet in my room at 5pm. He was right on time and the first thing I thought was he mustn’t be drunk. This appeared to be true despite there being a big alcohol problem in Poland.

He spoke Dutch due to spending six months living and studying in Leiden. He was very interested in me but I didn’t find his body attractive, so I had to play it carefully as I needed to use him to acquire an escort. As I explained what I wanted, he couldn’t believe his ears; how could someone who looked like me ever need to pay for a “kurwa” - the Polish word for whore. I explained my many good experiences in Holland with whores and how it was my indulgence.

I also added that there were too many fakers on the Internet. According to him it was far worse in Poland. He suggested that we buy the Polish Gay News from a kiosk on the corner. Now it was my turn to not believe my ears. Did they have that here? But once I had the publication in hand, I laughed: “In Holland we call this a porn magazine.”

We went to his house and inside I was again surprised. Never had I seen so many antiques and Delft blue pottery. In the magazine we found an escort site in Warsaw, two hundred and eighty kilometers away. He called for information and told me that it would cost 750 ZL. Including the train travel it was a four hour “outcall” - I had no problem with it. If I wanted to proceed I should call in the morning. “O.K.,” I said.

The following morning I got someone on the phone who couldn’t speak a word of English, but was made aware that I should call the voicemail of his colleague. Not the most patient of men I called Piotre and asked if he could handle this for me. My preference was for Patrik, a boy of 19, 1.73 meter tall and weighing 65 kilos. Piotre called back ten minutes later with everything arranged. Patrick would be with me at 5pm. For the rest of the day I went into town and bought nice cheap clothing.

At 4:30 pm I was back at the hotel, took a shower, lay on my bed and promptly fell asleep until 5:20 pm when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and there stood Patrik. Jezus, what a sweetie! I gave him my hand and offered him a drink. He asked if he could smoke. I answered “please do” as I also smoke. After he finished his cigarette he took a shower and then we had terrific sex.
After the deed I wondered if this boy would speak with me. He sure did!

After an hour chatting he had to catch his train, but in June he would be visiting Utrecht and he’d pay me a visit. I thanked him for coming and gave him a nice tip. I was so surprised. I had expected bad sex with some dumb kid like I get most times in Prague.
I then called Piotre to tell of my positive experience. He had only one reaction; namely such an experience was also true of the women kurwa’s! So I decided to take a taxi into the city for the evening to check out the kurwa on the streets.

Piotre informed me that the taxi drivers often arranged - for a fee - a girl to be picked up and brought back. I let the taxi driver know what I wanted: a girl for the whole night. The taxi driver spoke barely any English and I wondered if he knew I wanted a girl to come home with me and not him! I wanted a girl who could speak English and spoke first with a girl of approximately 18. I enquired about her rates and if she had an interest to go to my hotel. Luckily, she did. She had long blond hair and a very small arse; just what I wanted. In my hotel we had terrific sex and after two hours I took her back to the taxi stand and paid for her taxi. Another surprising experience!

The rest of my time in Poland I spent roaming the city by foot and by taxi, checking out lovely old buildings and churches. I’ll have fond memories of a few perfect days in Poland.



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