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Disasters, Stretching, Rubber

by Gert Hekma in Columns & Opinions , 13 december 2000

On the P of Perversions follows Q and unfortunately that letter has little to offer as far as perversions are concerned. The only word I could find was Queening. Which doesn`t mean you`re turning somebody into a queen, which would`t be a perversion but a profit to our gender. No, it means that a woman (and in this case she`s the queen) sits down on the face of a man as a form of submission. With her ass up his nose or her cunt in his mouth. According to my source it`s a European perversion. In Amsterdam gay circles I`ve never heard of something like it.

There are people who get horny from disasters happening to themselves but more often to others. The stubborn practitioners of this perversion don`t like waiting till mischief happens before their eyes, so they like to help disasters a bit to come about. These are the pyromaniacs among disaster tourists. Disaster tourists among queens are the men who find a boy with a bleeding head or arm in bandages more lust provoking than a healthy lad. Warhol gave his preference for disaster sex an artistic twist by turning pictures of accidents and electric chairs into works of art.
Raptophilia is a difficult word for a preference for rape. For more look under rape. Stretching (or Rekken" as we say in Dutch) the body or body parts was a nasty punishment in the Middle Ages and was often used as a means of torture to force a confession. Executioners had special apparatusses for this. You won`t come across such instruments in your regular leather store so stretching must be a rare perversion. Stretching the balls by weighing them down with heavy objects is practised though. Attached more often at the base than at the bottom of the balls since the aim is not the stretch, but the pain, like in nipple torture.


Retif de la Bretonne had a crush on ladies` footwear. After him shoe fetishism also got the name retifism. Under shoe sex" we will deal with this preference common amongst gays and mainly focusing on sport shoes (adidas, nike). But there are also guys getting a kick out of soldier or rubber boots.
You can put rings through your cock, ears, nose, lips, tits, tongue, navel to name a few of the most commen places for piercings and rings. Some people wear golden rings decorated with diamonds in their earlobe for aesthetic pleasure. Others make their sexual lifestyle and preference known by their rings. Or use them in bondage. The story goes that the English prince Albert had a ring (or better a thick needle) right behind the head of his dick so he could better keep it clean. Connoisseurs say that because of this he raised his and his partners` sexual pleasure. In the Philippines they went even further: there they put a ring around the cock which, with some kind of nail straight though the head, was kept in place. Sometimes the ring was decorated with a series of little knobs. Anthropologists wondered whether these prevented or stimulated lust.
Roede" (rod) is a nice old Dutch word for genitals. At the same time it`s a word for a twig or a bunch of twigs, to be used for whipping a masochistic loved one. We all know the happy expression that you shouldn`t spare your beloved the whip: love doesn`t come without pain. This is still seen through the eyes of the sadist though. We can turn it around with a variation on a well known Biblical saying: whoever doesn`t spare me the rod, I offer my behind (or mouth) for that other rod. No eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth, but instead of the other cheek a hole is offered. A rod plus a rod, a dream of many a gay masochist. A rare specialism is the Roman shower or vomiting on a partner. It seems to have been a favourite pass time in Roman days of old. Fortunately boozers these days, when they are so drunk they have to vomit, don`t throw up over others. Royalty watching or caesarophilia is common amongst gays. Some of them decorate their walls with the Almanac of Gotha or Dutch peerages. They have a subscription for Vorsten (Royalty) and drool as much over Diana`s funeral as over the marriage of Dutch prince Maurits with Marylene. Some keep things proper: dry eyes, dry crotch. Not Jos Versteegen, who once expressed his excitement over princes on Prinsjesdag (Prince`s Day, the day in September when the Dutch Queen says her yearly budget-speech) in metrical rhyme. Prince madness is probably a better word for this variation.


Rubber is a rather recent addition to the spectrum of fetishes. Thirty years ago some rare men came forward who, having lived in their youth through the floods in Zeeland (a Dutch province), appeared to have a fetish for rubber boots. They had developed this fetish in an environment where sturdy men in boots saved little lads from the flood. These days it`s more about rubber clothing fitting tightly around the skin: pants, shirts, gloves, socks, body suits with or without boots. There are also masks in all sorts and sizes, with dildos on the forehead, and tubes for ample piss and limited air supply. It`s about the feel, the smoothness, the shine and the smell of rubber and the sweat and warmth which develop underneath. Like lovers of rain and wet clothes have a preference for water that comes from outside, there are others who find the inner juices hornier.
Sweat-madmen dreaming of the floods building up under the rubber. Lovers of water sports sometimes have rubber sheets to protect their mattress from the golden juice. Next to masks and nightsticks, exciting for masochists are the suits which are the most confining cell for the body; bondage to measure. In the shop Body Talk which specializes in rubber they can tell you all about it, about the clothes, the footwear, he toys and the maintenance of rubber which is strong but fragile. Except all the gear and clothes they also have the somewhat dull magazine for rubber fetishists, the English Rubberband.



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