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Hollands Gay Magazine, Gay News, is published monthly for over 20 years, and is unique for it's mixture of serious to light editorial content, making it's content accessible for readers of all levels, and it's huge audience.
As both Gay News magazine, as well as our websites, are totally bilingual (both in English and Dutch), we reach a much bigger audience then any other gay publication in The Netherlands.
Gay News is the only gay publication in the Netherlands published monthly continiously, and has the same publisher for over 20 years. With all that experience, Gay News has more knowledge and a better understanding of the target audience then available anywhere in Holland.

Gay News ™ magazine:
   reknown and international accessible dutch gay publication
   mainly bilingual (in both English and Dutch), giving you the biggest possible audience available
   mainly freely distributed magazine with actual content, and home to reknown dutch gay editors, offering a mixture of serious to light editorial content
   advertising in Gay News means your add is seen: with more then 20 years of experience we are able to get a net 95% reach
   Holland's only gay publication with an up-to-date and current agenda section both in print and online
   the most extensive and international internet support available, focussed and targetted in over more then 30 domains

   monthly, since 1992

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General information Gay News magazine

Gay News is unique for, as a mostly freely distributed magazine, it's mix of light to serious editorial content, offering accessibility on all levels: Gay News has a mixture of easy to read pieces with very well-researched articles. Furthermore Gay News is the only totally independent gay medium in Holland.

Advertising in Gay News magazine is not only very affordable, but also gets you an enormous internet support, because our websites are totally bilingual (in both English and Dutch), unlike any other dutch gay magazine ever could, getting you the biggest gay audience available in the Netherlands and it's visitors. Because we deliver our content spread over more then 30 domains, we are able to offer a targeted audience, which goes further then just the word 'gay'.

Gay News furthermore does much more for her advertisers then 'just printing your add', as Gay News is part of a strong combination with a massive international and travelling webcommunity (which formed since 1995) and the yearly Amsterdam Gay Map (which nearly every tourist in Amsterdam uses).

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