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Thursday 28 May
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Issue 344, April/ May/ June 2020 - Out Now!

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Welcome to Gay News ®
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Today/ Vandaag 21:00
Golden Shower at Dirty Dicks, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 21:00
Dance Mixer- Cocktai at Blend, Amsterdam

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Welcome to Gay News ®
Holland's (only) gay monthly - Editorials, What's on & Where to go
  • by Michiel Bollinger
    Born 201 years ago, he wrote poems of candid eroticism and love between men. The great white-bearded man remains an enigma, a free poet as poets should be: Walt Whitman (1819-1892), you couldn't and can't catch him out. > Read the full story 9 min.
  • by Bernardo van Eekhout
    Fashion legends come and go. The world of fashion already had to say goodbye to Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Emanuel Ungaro and Karl Lagerfeld. Regrettably, Jean Paul Gaultier has now decided to call it quits. He is doing so for the second time in his career, as in 2014 he had already decided to stop his confection line of clothing. > Read the full story 11 min.
  • by Wil Groot
    Dolly Bellefleur is the alter ego of cabaret performer and lyricist Ruud Douma. As a figurehead of the GLBTI+ movement, Dolly has been drawing attention to human rights in general and the acceptance of GLBTI+ in particular for thirty years now. > Read the full story 7 min.

/ From our Editors / May 07

Spijkerbar has Two Brand New Owners

A new era is dawning for the Spijker Bar with its two brand new owners, Steven and Tomas, after forty-two years of warmth and socializing. However, the bar’s social aspect remains paramount. read more...

"Flair Talk" is Lebruce's first EP. Lebruce is the musical identity of Nijmegen born Sebastian Maurits. This artist combines the commercial and theatrical aspects of a live performance. > read the full story

music & cd's

What is gentrification exactly? Wikipedia has the most concise, and in my view, downright pertinent definition: "Gentrification is a process of upgrading a neighborhood or district in the social, cult.. > read the full story

columns & opinions

he Radboudumc Amalia Children's Hospital has opened the Gender Expertise Centre, the first clinic to focus on transgender children and youth, which also includes the already existing centre for variat.. > read the full story

health & body

The Netherlands recognizes Juan Guaidó, but Amsterdam does not want to give my husband a passport unless dictator Maduro agrees. This decision contradicts the request made by the interim president re.. > read the full story

columns & opinions length: 4 min.

She was elected the first Miss Leather Netherlands in 2019, and now our Suus goes international. She was trail-blaizing from the moment she stepped into the limelights. > read the full story


I know some people find it inappropriate or even insulting, but I see weird similarities between these two pandemics and wonder what we can learn from 40 years of fighting hiv/aids. > read the full story

columns & opinions

March 21 always is and will be a beautiful day. Spring has begun, the tulips and wild hyacinths in the garden are about to come out, and it is Mama Leny’s birthday. This year, she turned eighty-nine.. > read the full story

columns & opinions

Belgian’s national railway carrier NMBS wants to install gender-neutral toilets on all Belgian train stations. At least one toilet should also be available outside office hours. > read the full story

/ From our Editors / April 07

Danish gays allowed to donate blood on condition they abstain for 4 months

Gay and bisexual men in Denmark are now permitted to donate blood on condition that they abstain from sex for a period of four months. read more...


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